Saturday, October 27, 2007

New parts, New poster, same old club!

Just wanted to let all of you that didn't come to the last meeting (the 25th?) that you missed a great start to a kick ass year. I've finished one of three flyers that I'll be sending out monthly to invite new members to the club. If you're reading this as a new member, or just forgot, here's our club guidelines:
-If you're new to the club, you can be booted at any time for any suspicious behavior or poor sportsmanship.
-All of the school rules during the day STILL apply during the night. Some cussing will be tolerated, but there are still teachers in the building at night so watch your attitude.
-Cheating is NOT tolerated on any level, and if you even attempt to cheat you'll be kicked. (out)
-Bring money for dinner....Ok, that's not a real rule, but we're not made of money.

Phew, now that that's over, I just wanted to let you know that I ordered my new parts and installed them over the last week. I'll be posting stats for my 8600GT (which I'm extremely happy with) later this week.
Happy hunting!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Orange Box, Final Club Dates, and Cake

Well the much awaited Orange Box was released today and trust me, it's everything you could ever want in a video game. I've played through Portal, gotten all the sniper unlocks in TF2, and I'm on the way to finishing the real fight in HL2:EP2. If you haven't bought it yet, do it right now. On a more related note, the first real V.G.E. meeting will be held October 25th, in room 103 until 8:00. It won't be required this meeting, but if you don't already own TF2, CS:S, or HL2:DM buy them before the next meeting. (Nov 29) I'm only asking you because we're going 100% legal. On yet another note email me at if you have a Xbox360 and a copy of Halo3 to bring. Oh, and the cake isn't a lie.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Halo 3 Forge Fun

Here's some fun stuff I made on Halo 3-Forge:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did I mention...Halo 3?

So I checked my Best Buy preorder and guess what I found? A tracking number! It looks like they planned the online preorders perfectly and shipped them Friday so they would arrive exactly at the release date. So anywho, just thought I'd let you know that I'm getting it, are you? Also, I just thought I'd let Ben know that I successfully hacked his PSP, although I bricked it twice before I got it right. ^^

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, now that we've covered the horrible stuff, I just wanted to let you all know about this neat app I found today called Joost. Joost is a fully functional, legal alternative to DirectTV made by the team that worked on Skype. It's in a "closed" beta right now but all you have to do is sign up here with a valid name (no Mr. 1337h4x0rz) and wait for a activation email leading to a download link. Have fun!

(P.S. Pre-order Halo 3 or die)

Updates, free legal DirectTV, and Halo 3!

I just wanted to fill you in about what's happening with the club this year. I could write a long, unnecessarily wordy summary for you, but I'll just put it into a few key points:
  • June will no longer be our adult supervisor, we are still looking for one.
  • The club is still alive, and the first meeting will be held October 19th.
  • We will be featuring full non-profit tournaments for games such as:
    • Counter Strike Source (Scoutknivez Mod and Hostage Rescue)
    • Unreal Tournament 2004
    • Halo 3
    • Dead or Alive 4
  • The club is still not funded, but may be by the end of the year.
  • On a final note, we will be phasing out "game-sharing" and require members to own their own copies of the games we play.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

To all PSP users not doing homebrew

Take off the dunce hat and listen up:

One of the biggest if not THE BIGGEST development in the PSP hacking scene has just unfolded. A collective group of hackers including the likes of Dark_Alex, Noobz and Booster have released a new piece of software which will replicate the exact functions of Sony's Jigkick battery (even better) - that means it is now possible for homebrew enabled PSP's to UNBRICK and DOWNGRADE their systems at their own will. The respective software will transform any regular PSP battery into one which can perform all the functions of the Official Sony JigKick which is used by Sony repair staff themselves. Even if your PSP is not homebrew enabled, you can just ask a friend who has a homebrew enabled PSP to run the software and transform your battery too! Read more on the software at the official release thread as launched by legendary hacker Dark_Alex HERE. Spread the word and DIGG THIS! And on a FINAL note, while the team is a bit too proud to apply pressure for DONATIONS, just do it even if it is just a dollar - via PAYPAL (Authorized by Dark_Alex, Noobz and all on the C+D development team).

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sams' FPS/TPS Picks 2006/2007

Here's a list of the best of the best FPS/TPS games of 2006/2007
(This is a slight preview on some of the games we'll be playing next year.)

First Person/Third Person Shooters
4. Gears of War
This was a hard choice because I have a large bias against GOW but it is one of the only real examples of what the new Unreal Engine can do. It's competitive (repetitive) online gameplay and beautiful design puts this game on the top 4.
3. Crysis
Crysis hasn't had an official release but I have a strong feeling it's going to out-do games like Halo 3 and Bioshock, but since I've never actually experienced the game for myself, I'm hesitant about putting it in the number one slot.
2. Bioshock
The amazing visuals and innovative gameplay of Bioshock have brought the Direct x10 community to it's knees and because of that it places second on the fps/tps picks. The demo is available from Steam so check it before you wreck it.
1. Halo 3
This game needs no explanation. The Halo series has brought fanboys the best in multiplayer shootem-ups comparable to the biggest multiplayer fps ever, Counter Strike Source.

Saturday, August 18, 2007


I rule:

~N~ zh ~N~ zNNNz zNNNNN~ zNNNNN~
~N- zh ~N~ hD++++' zD++++' hD++sN~
-N~ zz ~N~ zh ~N- zz zh ~N-
~N~ zz -N~ zz ~N- zNNNz zz -N~
~N~ zz ~N~ zz -N~ zD++( zz ~N~
~N~ zz ~N~ hz ~N- zz zz ~N~
zNN~ ~N~ zh ~N~ zz zz ~N~
hNN- ~N- hD++++' zD++++' zD++sN~

~Ns+++( ~Ns++Dz ~Ns++DD++sN~ zD++++'
~N~ ~N~ zz ~N~ zz -N~ zz
-N~~NNz ~NNNNNz ~N~ zz ~N~ zNNNz
~N~'+Dz -Ns++Dz ~N~ zz ~N- zD++(
~N~ zz ~N- hz ~N~ zz ~N~ hz
-N~ hh ~N- zz ~N~ hz ~N~ zz
-Ns++Dz ~N~ zz ~N~ zz ~N~ hD++++'
~NNNNNz -N~ zh ~N~ zz ~N~ zNNNNN~

~NNNNNz -NNNNNz ~NNNNNNN~ zh ~N~ hz ~N~
~Ns+++( ~Ns++Dz '++sNs++' zz ~N~ hz ~N~
~N- ~N~ zh ~N~ zz ~N~ hz -N~
~NNNN~ ~N~ zz ~N~ zNNNNN- zz -N-
~Ns++' ~N~ zz ~N~ zD++sN~ zz ~N~
~N~ ~N- hz ~N~ zz ~N~ zz -N~
~N~ ~N~ zh ~N~ zz ~N- hz ~N~
~Ns+++( -N~ zz ~N~ zz ~N~ zD++sN-
~NNNNNz ~N~ zh ~N~ zz ~N~ zNNNNN~

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here's another useless post:
decided to make official T-Shirts for club members, so silkscreen!
Also, I made a new flyer...I'll edit this post when I get home.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


This is a permanent post that will be edited after every tournament/meeting.
Link :
Oh wow, this post is kinda boring...PHOTOSHOP!

For Corwin,
From Sam

New homepage, new ranking system, and a better club.

Welcome to the new (and improved) Video Game Enthusiast homepage. As many of you know, this will be our second year here at North and trust me, It will be better. We've already begun organizing a tournament for games such as Guitar Hero, Unreal Tournament, and of course Counter Strike: Source. We do have some new policies that we have changed due to the lack of newcomers to our "meetings".
Updates to the club:
1. Groups of 3+ can come in, but they will be monitored more than regular club members.(For security)
2. It hasn't been confirmed, but our new Building Use Permit may let us use the new Dual Core iMacs in the math lab.
3. Due to the requests from the members, consoles will be used regularly if not more frequently than PC's. (For GOW noobs)
4. A new ranking system will be used to track player stats, and tournament teams. (For balance)
That's all for now,
Sam (Marxistforlife)