Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did I mention...Halo 3?

So I checked my Best Buy preorder and guess what I found? A tracking number! It looks like they planned the online preorders perfectly and shipped them Friday so they would arrive exactly at the release date. So anywho, just thought I'd let you know that I'm getting it, are you? Also, I just thought I'd let Ben know that I successfully hacked his PSP, although I bricked it twice before I got it right. ^^

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, now that we've covered the horrible stuff, I just wanted to let you all know about this neat app I found today called Joost. Joost is a fully functional, legal alternative to DirectTV made by the team that worked on Skype. It's in a "closed" beta right now but all you have to do is sign up here with a valid name (no Mr. 1337h4x0rz) and wait for a activation email leading to a download link. Have fun!

(P.S. Pre-order Halo 3 or die)

Updates, free legal DirectTV, and Halo 3!

I just wanted to fill you in about what's happening with the club this year. I could write a long, unnecessarily wordy summary for you, but I'll just put it into a few key points:
  • June will no longer be our adult supervisor, we are still looking for one.
  • The club is still alive, and the first meeting will be held October 19th.
  • We will be featuring full non-profit tournaments for games such as:
    • Counter Strike Source (Scoutknivez Mod and Hostage Rescue)
    • Unreal Tournament 2004
    • Halo 3
    • Dead or Alive 4
  • The club is still not funded, but may be by the end of the year.
  • On a final note, we will be phasing out "game-sharing" and require members to own their own copies of the games we play.